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EduForum partners with accredited colleges and universities (like these) to list available seats in their online courses in one convenient, accessible marketplace. Knowledge seekers can search our curated catalog, select a course, and purchase enrollment through our seamless online registration and payment system; then we do all the work for you (except teach the courses ourselves)!

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EduForum markets your courses, & manages enrollment & purchases

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You can fill all your seats, enhancing revenue & fiscal efficiency

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Tuition is remitted the day classes begin

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Students are enrolled as non-degree seeking students at the listing school

You decide the courses you offer, as well as the price. (The only requirement we ask is that all fees are included. Books may or may not be included, but we must know that before listing.)We are open to working with your process. Our VP of Data and Assessment will work with you to develop the data files and manage the course catalogue process. We usually meet with the Provost, Enrollment Management team, Registrar and Online Education Director.

If you’d like to explore these benefits, and you think listing your online courses on EduForum makes sense, contact us. We can schedule an in-person or virtual conference to discuss a partnership.

→  Increased fiscal efficiency

Institutions save money by reducing the number of small classes that don’t meet student needs, and by not offering all courses in-site, instead noting specific EduForum courses that can be transferred for credit If your institution doesn’t offer a certain language, another one will, and your student can fulfill their language requirements.

→  Increased graduation rates

The federally reported six-year graduation rate is a primary outcome measure for an institution. EduForum provides students with the courses they need when they need them, helping to ensure they graduate and increasing the institution’s graduation rate.

→  Increased standing in US News (& other surveys)

Trends in distance education show that many of an institution’s on-campus students also take online courses. Through the EduForum network, an institution can plan for overload options when courses fall into the US News category of “under 20” and “over 50” enrolled.

→  Improved use of limited state dollars

Making the best the use of technology means that construction of new brick and mortar facilities will be limited to those of greatest need. At a average cost of $350 per square foot, this is substantial savings.

→  Increased national reputation

EduForum’s global reach opens you institution to entirely new students. EduForum schools will be able to demonstrate their areas of excellence to an international audience.

→  Increased alumni loyalty

Colleges and universities generate loyal alumni who often want to earn a graduate degree or certificate from their undergraduate school. Now they can do it from anywhere via EduForum. Increased alumni loyalty means increased alumni giving.

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