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12 extraordinary ordinary women to learn from, in honor of International Women’s Day
Women have long been relegated to the small print of our history. We would like to take today and honor women famous, infamous, and perhaps unrecognized for their work to change our world. Of course, to do that fully, this would be an encyclopedia, so we only dare to begin this list. Please tell us women we have omitted who, in your eyes, deserve to be honored on this day (and every day).
Where have all the backpacks gone?

In my 30 years serving higher education, there have been many enduring images that have stuck with me: everything from students struggling with debt; to schools struggling with enrollment and retention; to general concerns about accessibility and outcomes.  Sometimes the “images” were represented by actual images... The first was a tongue-in-cheek phrase about educational marketing. Called “Three and a Tree,” it came to symbolize schools’ attempts to reflect both the diversity of their student body, and the bucolic nature of campus life on the greensward. Brochure and website images were generally of a small group (three) of racially and gender diverse and…

The Education Forum: an Introduction

Discussions about how to access the college experience that works for you -- affordably. Welcome to Education Forum. I’m happy to have you here. Every day, there is something written about how unaffordable college is, or how hard it can be to get into school if you aren’t a traditional student with good test scores. Maybe schools near you aren’t what you want – or need – and you don’t know what to do next. Well, I hope we can help. Actually, I know we can. That’s what we’re going to talk about, and I’m happy to take your questions and answer them the best…

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