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About EduForum

We connect:

1. educational institutions
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EduForum allows students to search, select, purchase, and enroll in online higher education classes and training programs through a single marketplace, ensuring ease of use for students and reducing barriers to entry that have kept too many from pursuing their goals — both in education and professional development.

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Eduforum’s foundational belief is that higher education is too expensive, and it’s shut out too many people. Debt is, well, a common topic — one to be explored at length in this space. But our motivation also runs deeper than that.

We believe those who might need a second chance should get that, and should be able to find the right school at whatever time they’re ready to take that chance. We believe that life is complicated, and it often doesn’t allow people to attend college full-time — and those people deserve a more adaptable school schedule, because growing your mind isn’t an all-or-nothing experience. It’s perpetual.

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We connect learners with possibilities. Opportunities to serve are what inspire and drive us. We exist to open the door to higher education for more people — regardless of location, age, or circumstance. 

We may work in higher ed, but we value what’s Right and Good even more than what’s True. We want to partner with anyone who strives to make the world a better, more equitable, and more educated place to be; so whether you’re a student, school, nonprofit, state agency or other organization, we’re here to work anyone who strives for educational growth, and who helps others do the same. 

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To get acquainted with the Eduforum marketplace, we recommend a quick cram session of our FAQs before you shop.

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Next, we suggest you go ahead and register (for free) via our Non-Degree Seeking Student Application for Enrollment. 

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Now you’re ready to browse our online course listings, curated from our member institutions (all of which are accredited colleges and universities that you know and trust).

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Once you’ve found a course you need, and/or that piques your curiosity, be certain you review all of the course listing details (especially the start and end dates and any prerequisites, if applicable), and then add the course to your cart.

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You can keep shopping for more courses from that school and others at the same time, too; or you can proceed to checkout. If it’s your first time shopping with Eduforum, you’ll notice a $50 one-time registration fee added to your cart on the checkout page (which makes it possible for us to process and communicate your order). You won’t have to pay this the next time.

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On the checkout page, be sure to check the box that confirms you meet all mandatory prerequisites described in the course’s listed details. 

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If the course(s) are graduate-level studies, you are also required to provide your unofficial undergraduate transcript(s) to proceed. Don’t worry — we’ll handle getting that documentation to the new and correct registrar(s) for you. You’ll see where to upload those files, along with a checkbox to confirm you did that, on the checkout screen as well. If you have any issue, send an email and/or the files attached to our trusty CEO, Catherine with a descriptive subject line.


Follow the prompt to PayPal, where you’ll pay and complete your order. It’s easy, secure and includes Purchase Protection (and flexible payment options)!

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When you’ve completed purchase, be on the lookout for timely, detailed confirmation emails from both PayPal and Eduforum; and check your mailbox filters if each is not received (though you’ll be able to view your order history in the Account Dashboard on both sites, too).

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Stay tuned as we personally handle your order with white gloves, as it’s officially en route to the appropriate institution(s). Next you’ll receive notice from the respective registrar confirming your course registration, and providing more details about your enrollment, at the email address you’ve provided EduForum. 


If you don’t hear from your school(s) in the next 7 days, please immediately contact us directly.

For info about refunds, please see FAQs and/or Support.


working with us is a no-brainer

EduForum partners with accredited colleges and universities that people know and trust — while member educational institutions enjoy multiple benefits. If you’re not yet on our roster (yet meet the criteria), we have a no-risk value proposition for you, too.

We also partner with companies, state agencies, and various types of professional/trade organizations in order to elevate the workforce; develop happier, smarter and better equipped employees; reduce turnover; and nurture stronger economies in the communities and sectors in which you operate.



role call

Get to know us: we particularly excel at group projects, research and talking about school (yet we’re anything but boring)! When you have questions, feedback, or something else to get off your chest, just let us know.

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Catherine E. Watt, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO

Catherine has 25 years of experience in research, assessment, & planning across higher education.  Her work has address policy issues related to affordability, outcomes, and governance.

Gary McCombs
Partner & CFO

Gary has led finance and administration offices at four institutions across his career in higher education.  Most recently, he helped re-set the finance structures at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.  He taught online for Clemson’s MPA program, so he understands the challenges and the opportunities of online offerings.  Gary has been part of EduForum since the beginning, working with Catherine to keep the team true to its mission of access and affordability.

Ronald. E. Chrestman, Ph.D.
VP, Research & Analysis

Ronnie has over 33 years of experience in research, data collection and data analysis. He’s developed predictive models for student enrollment, financial aid services, as well as salary equity analyses for employees.  Ronnie’s the best person to work with our partner schools and their data; he has done university federal reporting for almost 20 years.

Wes Amick
Military Liaison

Wes is a Navy veteran who works to build our military network of families, active duty members, and veterans to help us learn more about needs and how we can meet them.

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