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Military Options for Veteran Education

What sets MOVE apart:


MOVE builds new education & career options for service members and veterans, recognizing the vital career training required of all military service members. MOVE will increase;

  • Recruitment of new service members,
  • Retention of soldiers and sailors, and
  • Readiness across all military branches.

We decrease obstacles from transition to enrollment, decreasing gap time, saving money, and creating a career-focused ecosystem for success.

Year One Project — TAP Extension

The TAP Extension team assesses military family needs and priorities, collaborates with partners to develop options, and implements solutions.  We offer:

  • Enrollment assistance and planning. This includes financial planning, admissions planning, and new post-secondary options to address where needs vary for military families.
  • Military BA/BS degree options with partner institutions. Degree options (online and in person), where partner institutions offer Military BA/BS majors and award 45-60 credit hours for active duty training and education.
  • Military job to career planning and connections. We work with Veterans Ascend and other partners to help military families plan for and pursue long-term career options.
  • Recruitment & Retention. TAP Extension will increase active duty retention by strengthening the social support network for military families.
  • 21st Century VFW. VFW organizations are vital connections for veterans across small towns and large cities. TAP Extension offers a new way to engage with veterans, connect them with services, and create multi-generational communities.

The TAP Extension team will travel to bases and military-focused community centers, starting in the Southeast. We build on why the traditional Ag Extension was founded — to remove barriers in getting services, to assist where needed, and to develop innovative solutions to challenges.

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