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EduForum allows you to search, select, purchase, and enroll in online, credit-bearing courses, certificates and other professional training opportunities. In our 2020 Covid-19 universe, we’ve had to stop enrolling because, well, schools are closed in almost every state. Summer programs are on hold or cut back, but we’ll tell you more as soon as we can.


So many changes happen in such a short time. New EduForum options include:

  • Partnership with Thrivent Financial (https://www.thrivent.com/) to educate families about both financial and education planning. Email Catherine (ask@theEduForum.com) to get the presentation schedule.
  • Discussions with entrepreneurs (https://www.womenentrepreneurscharleston.com/) to educate all of us on building new businesses and nonprofits. We’ll be restarting in June.
  • Collaboration with Veterans Ascend (https://veteransascend.com/) to connect employers and veterans with skilled talent. They are one of our direct connections to military veterans. Military & Veterans


EduForum launches Military Options for Veterans Education

There is a long-standing problem facing our military service members and veterans: Too many do not receive college credit for the training and education they receive during their service. As veterans, their GI Bills are funded for 36 months of enrollment to complete their degrees.

Too many active duty and veterans do not complete their degrees, and too many go into debt. We want to solve this problem.

MOVE is in the building stage. We are establishing new Military-BA/BS degrees in selected in-demand fields.


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